Technology Research

Wuxi Engineering and Research Center for High-Performance Electrolysis Equipment

Ancan’s culture is to strive for excellence and innovation. Guided by this spirit, we have been devoting ourselves to the technology research, and we have built up our own research center.

This research center is a sound foundation for our product development, and it is equipped with various instruments. For example, the scanning electron microscope, the X-ray diffractometer and the gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy instrument are all supplied by Thermo Fisher Scientific, the highly efficient liquid chromatograph is provided by Waters Corp., the AC impedance detector is manufactured by Zaner, the compressive electrochemical tester is CHI brand. Moreover, the integrated battery test system, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy instrument are provided by Land.

Technical Strength
Our research center cooperates with many famous Chinese universities to carry out some basic researches, and it has more than 10 technical experts who are responsible for our technical development. In addition, we can adjust and improve our products to best suit our customer’s needs.