Technical Support

Voltage Fluctuation of Electrolyzer: Reasons and Solutions If the anode, hearth or aluminum solution is in a poor state, the aluminum solution will suffer from a big fluctuation, thereby leading to the change of electrode distance at some positions.

Safety Precautions when Starting Electrolyzer The production staff and visitors must wear a safety helmet when entering the workshop, and the production staff should also wear their glasses, safety shoes and other labor protection appliances.

Safe Production Requirements The production staff must receive the three-level safety education before they are allowed to work.
When using iron tools inside the workshop, special attention must be paid because the magnetic field may lead to some accidents.

Safety Precautions when Stopping Electrolyzer If the operator decides to stop the electrolyzer, some necessary tools should be prepared in time, and tools that will come into contact with the high-temperature melt need to be preheated in advance.

Repair Procedures for Galvanized Air Duct of Electrolyzer Some galvanized air ducts in the electrolyzer are not allowed to be changed immediately when they are broken, because some preparation work needs to be carried out first.

Main Factors Affecting the Performance of Electrolyzer If an ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer is improperly designed, or the activated mesh of anode or cathode is not smooth, uneven current distribution will occur.