Safety Precautions when Stopping Electrolyzer

1. If the operator decides to stop the electrolyzer, some necessary tools should be prepared in time, and tools that will come into contact with the high-temperature melt need to be preheated in advance.

2. When exhausting the electrolyte, someone needs to be assigned to lower the anode. The anode mustn’t be separated from the electrolyte, and it can’t be lowered to the bottom as well.

3. After the electricity is cut off, the insulating plate should be taken out from the insulation device and cleaned by a slight wind to guarantee its cleanness, and the bolts should be fastened.

4. Please detect the temperature of the insulation device after fastening the bolts. If it is over 100°C, some measures should be carried out. In addition, the temperature should not increase too fast.

5. When electrolyte leaks suddenly, someone needs to lower the anode, whilst the power should be cut off. The anode mustn’t be separated from the electrolyte, or explosion may take place.

6. On the other hand, the leaking position should be found out as soon as possible, and then use a crane or labor force to block the leaking position. At the same time, please remember to use a baffle to protect the bus bar from being damaged. If it is impossible to block the leaking position, extract the remaining electrolyte and aluminum solution out of the electrolyzer in time.

7. The extracted aluminum solution needs to be delivered to receive casting treatment.

8. The cables and wires should be protected from being destroyed by the leaked aluminum solution or electrolyte, because this may lead to a fire. Considering this, fire extinguisher should be prepared, and it is not allowed to use water to put out the fire.

9. The workers that are responsible for blocking the leaking position must wear the labor protection appliances to protect themselves.

10. After the machine is stopped, all the tools must be placed properly. Then, clean the working site, check surrounding places and make relevant notes.