Safety Precautions when Starting Electrolyzer

The production staff and visitors must wear a safety helmet when entering the workshop, and the production staff should also wear their glasses, safety shoes and other labor protection appliances. Then, production process may be carried out, but the following details must be especially concerned to protect the staff from dangers.

1. Before power on, please check all the electromechanical devices to make sure that they are in good condition. Meanwhile, every appliance that will be involved in the production should be intact without any risk of failure, and the raw materials should be carefully prepared and preheated as required.

2. The materials that will be fed into the electrolyzer, including alkali and cryolite, must be mixed evenly to avoid electrolyte splashing during starting.

3. The guide rod and main bus bar must be smooth. Otherwise the guide rod may scratch the bus bar which leads to loose contact between them, thereby causing bias current at the anode.

4. Before dismantling the shunt, please don’t touch it without any protection for the hands. When dismantling it, the operator must wear labor protection appliances, or he may get burnt.

5. It is very necessary to work with special caution when feeding alkali and cryolite, and the operators’ legs mustn’t step into the electrolyzer. Preheating process is a must when adding alkali, or explosion may take place, leading injuries to surrounding people.

6. When collecting carbon residue, please keep the carbon residue spoon away from the anode.

7. The feeding of electrolyte should be carried out in a balanced way, and irrelevant personnel mustn’t be too close to the chute. Otherwise, these people may get burnt by the electrolyte. In addition, fully preheating for the chute is required.

8. When adding aluminum, the operator must raise the voltage in time. If not, the electrolyte will flow out of the elctrolyzer and crush the anode bus bar.

9. A specialized person should be assigned to raise the voltage, and people need to stand firmly on the ground to prevent accidents.

10. Under the condition that there is any potential danger, please inform the on-site director immediately. Only when the problems are solved, should the work be continued.

11. During baking startup process, if the electrolyte permeates, please use a water pipe to water the permeating position until it is blocked. Please be noted that water mustn’t get into the electrolytic cell in case explosion occurs.

12. If electrolyte spills during startup, use a baffle to stop it from destroying the anode bus bar. Then, build a wall with cryolite.

13. Under the condition that any abnormal phenomena take place at the anode, such as current biasing and guide rod breakage, please lift the corresponding anode out with the help of a crane in time. Irrelevant people should not be too close to the hot anode to prevent burning. In addition, the new anode should be preheated before installation to avoid other accidents.