Safe Production Requirements

1. The production staff must receive the three-level safety education before they are allowed to work.

2. When using iron tools inside the workshop, special attention must be paid because the magnetic field may lead to some accidents.

3. Any iron tools that will come into contact with electrolyte must be preheated first.

4. It is forbidden to sit, play or lie down on the passageway in the workshop, and it is also not allowed to rest on the electrolyzer cover.

5. It is not proper to throw tools or wastes to downstairs or to the outside of workshop. When tools drop down, please check immediately if the tools are in contact with electrolyzer or bus bar. If so, remove the tools in time.

6. If the operator needs to stand on the electrolyzer to carry out a certain job, he mustn’t step on the carbon block of anode or other hot places. Or, he may get burnt.

7. The materials that will be fed into the electrolyzer must be confirmed to be in a dry state before feeding.

8. When measuring the aluminum level, glasses and respirator are necessary to protect the operator from being burnt by electrolyte.

9. Before changing electrodes, the working staff must wear the labor protection appliances.

10. When replacing iron plates, the iron plate must be kept away from the bus bar to avoid serious accidents.

11. During electrode replacing process, the operator should help to lift the used electrode, and make sure that the lifting arm holds the guide bar tightly.

12. When lifting anode, the operator should act quickly and accurately to avoid big parts falling into the electrolyzer.

13. Irrelevant people should get away from the used electrode to eliminate the risk of being burnt.

14. When laying down the used electrode, the operator should guide the crane correctly, and the lifting arm could be released after the used electrode is steadily placed.

15. The edge cleaning employees must wear face masks and other labor protection appliances before working, and it is prohibited to work just standing on the side plate.

16. The broken pieces of the electrode should be taken out from the electrolyzer in a fast, accurate and steady way. Meanwhile, the workers should work with care to prevent injuries.

17. The vice-monitor must use a rake to detect the bottom of electrolyzer to avoid the possibility that there are broken parts at the bottom. Otherwise, the sediment may lead to some undesired phenomena in the future.

18. When using a crane to install a new electrode, workers should keep a safe distance to protect themselves from being injured by the splashing electrolyte. If the new electrode is wet, please dry it before installation.

19. Before cleaning anode, please make sure that the anode is placed steadily.

20. The operators should put on the labor protection appliances before cleaning the anode, and this is very helpful to protect them from dangers.