Application Cases

Case 1. One Company in Japan
The large mono-polar ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer accepted our zero gap modification treatment in 2008, and the electricity saving performance was beyond their expectations.

Case 2. One Company in Indonesia
The multi-polar ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer underwent our refurbishment and zero gap modification since 2010, and a great deal of our spare parts were also applied. Our product and service well met their requirements and were highly appreciated.

Case 3. One Company in Malaysia
The spare parts for the multi-polar ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer were imported from Europe in the past. In 2009, we repaired this electrolyzer, and zero gap modification was also applied. After repair, the service life was prolonged to a large extent, and the electricity consumption was also cut down greatly, saving a lot of production cost. In addition, the investment for zero gap modification was regained after 12 months.