About Us

From anodization to electrometallurgy, the industrial applications of electrolysis are near countless. As a renowned Chinese manufacturer and service provider, ANCAN Electrochemical Equipment specializes in the production and maintenance of dedicated equipment for chlor-alkali electrolysis. The scope of our expertise includes the fabrication and recoating of ion-exchange electrolyzer electrodes, refurbishing and zero-gap modification of ion-exchange membrane electrolyzers, production of oxygen evolution titanium anodes, etc. Additionally, we can provide premium spare parts for electrolyzers.

Our company is the proprietor of the only electrochemistry research center in mainland China. Extensive cooperation with well-known domestic research institutions allows us to further develop the functionality and performance of our products. We operate in strict conformance to 6S management standards. In 2002 we successfully passed the certification of the ISO9001 Quality Management System.

As our research and management capabilities become more refined, we shift focus to marketing and distribution. We are the designated supplier and service provider for more than 100 customers in the domestic chlor-alkali industry. We have satisfied clients in more than countries and regions including Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc.

ANCAN cooperates with a well-known Japanese electrolyzer manufacturer to bring customers high quality products and great savings in maintenance costs. Having serviced nearly all types of ion-exchange membrane electrolyzers in existence, we take great pride in our restorative capabilities. Our oxygen evolution titanium anodes are widely implemented for processes including electrolytic copper foil production, organic electrolytic synthesis, copper recovery from etching waste, waste water treatment system, etc.

ANCAN is an advocate of environmental protection and energy efficiency. Our corporate stance promotes independent innovation and continual optimization. Meticulous manufacturing techniques allow us to provide customers with world-class products, which in turn serve to solidify the credibility of our brand. We strive to become an international corporation that is known for its attentive service, professionalism, and industriousness.

In 2004, we obtained the ISO9001:2000 certification.
In APR 2006, we introduced advanced electrode production technology from Japan for the improved fabrication of ion-exchange membrane electrodes. Our product begun to gain momentum in overseas markets.
In MAR 2007, we started supplying premium electrolyzer spare parts for CEC (Japan) and INEOS (Britain).
In May 2008, our zero-gap modification for ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer was unveiled. It was met with largely positive feedback.
In 2010, our zero-gap modification was recognized as an energy-efficient product and adopted by many factories.
In 2012, we cooperated with a well-known university for the establishment of the Electrochemical Material & Technology Research Institute.