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    1. Asahi Kasei ElectrolyzerThe Asahi Kasei electrolyzer has 166 cells with cell voltage of 3.36V (12.5kA, 32%NaOH, 88℃) before zero gap modification
    1. MGC ElectrolyzerHere is a case of zero gap modification. The MGC electrolyzer with 22 cells has a cell voltage of 3.4V
    1. DD350 ElectrolyzerAfter receiving DD350 electrolyzer that is in a poor state, a series of detections are carried out first, and then we
    1. BiTAC ElectrolyzerOur professional maintenance team is well experienced in handling BiTAC electrolyzer, and we have carried
    1. UHDE ElectrolyzerAfter refurbishment and recoating, the UHDE electrolyzer meets the technical requirements that are designed for a new product, and it is able to deliver safe and stable performance to the customer.
    1. Other Electrolyzer Refurbishment and Spare PartWe are capable of repairing and recoating other kinds of electrolyzer, such as ICI, F2, B1, M3, INEOS, etc
    1. Activated Cathode ChamberFor the diaphragm cell, its cathode mesh is constructed by perforated SUS316L ultra-low carbon stainless steel, and the perforation ratio is 38% or so. On the other hand, the high temperature alkali corrosion technology is applied to remove Cr, Fe and others from the surface of the stainless steel, forming a porous surface that is rich in Ni.
    1. Expandable AnodeAll the heating devices adopt computer-aided temperature control technology, and the automatic multi-head welding machine, which is exclusive in China, is used to finish spot welding process for the mesh. Moreover, the flat spring is fabricated by high quality Ti material that is imported from Japan, and it can still expand evenly after long-term service.
    1. Titanium Anode for Electrolytic Copper Foil ProductionIn the past, lead-based anodes were applied for the production of copper foil. The main disadvantages are their high energy consumption and low corrosion resistance. Corrosion results in shorter anode life and poor product quality due to the change of distance between anode and cathode.
    1. Anode for Etching/Corrosive Liquid Copper RecoveryAs indicated by its name, the anode for etching/corrosive liquid copper recovery is specially designed for the purpose of copper recycling from etching liquid. The working procedure is divided into several steps, including extraction of copper from etching waste, anti-extraction by sulfuric acid, electrowinning of copper from copper sulphate solution.
    1. Organic Electrolytic Synthesis AnodeThe tetramethylammonium hydroxide is fabricated by electrolyzing tetramethylammonium hydrogen carbonate. During electrolysis, CO2 and O2 are liberated on the anode surface, and the temperature of electrolyte solution is 60℃ while the anodic current density is 1000-1200A/m2. In addition, the service life is over one year.
    1. Galvanized Steel Sheet AnodeElectrogalvanizing refers to coating Zn or Sn on both sides of steel strip, and it is commonly applied to process automobile and home appliance. Our galvanized steel sheet anode is especially designed for this process.
      The electrogalvanizing line comprises of some electrolytic tanks. Inside each of the tank
    1. Other Industrial ElectrodeWe can provide customers with other kinds of industrial electrodes, including sacrificial anode, lab-use electrolyzer, rotational flow electrowinning cell, organic electrowinning device, etc.