1. Titanium Anode for Electrolytic Copper Foil ProductionIn the past, lead-based anodes were applied for the production of copper foil. The main disadvantages are their high energy consumption and low corrosion resistance. Corrosion results in shorter anode life and poor product quality due to the change of distance between anode and cathode.
    1. Anode for Etching/Corrosive Liquid Copper RecoveryAs indicated by its name, the anode for etching/corrosive liquid copper recovery is specially designed for the purpose of copper recycling from etching liquid. The working procedure is divided into several steps, including extraction of copper from etching waste, anti-extraction by sulfuric acid, electrowinning of copper from copper sulphate solution.
    1. Organic Electrolytic Synthesis AnodeThe tetramethylammonium hydroxide is fabricated by electrolyzing tetramethylammonium hydrogen carbonate. During electrolysis, CO2 and O2 are liberated on the anode surface, and the temperature of electrolyte solution is 60℃ while the anodic current density is 1000-1200A/m2. In addition, the service life is over one year.
    1. Galvanized Steel Sheet AnodeElectrogalvanizing refers to coating Zn or Sn on both sides of steel strip, and it is commonly applied to process automobile and home appliance. Our galvanized steel sheet anode is especially designed for this process.
      The electrogalvanizing line comprises of some electrolytic tanks. Inside each of the tank
    1. Other Industrial ElectrodeWe can provide customers with other kinds of industrial electrodes, including sacrificial anode, lab-use electrolyzer, rotational flow electrowinning cell, organic electrowinning device, etc.

Oxygen Evolution Titanium Anode

Surface condition of IrO2 titanium anode

The oxygen evolution titanium anode is a metal oxide coated titanium electrode, and the metal oxide mainly comprises of IrO2. This product is especially suitable for electrolytic process where oxygen is released at the anode, and there are two series now including IrO2-SnO2-Pd and IrO2-Ta2O5.

1. Our product shows excellent electrochemical property in acidic or neutral electrolyte solution because of the good resistance of IrO2 to acid and oxygen. Its long service life also meets the requirements of different applications, such as industrial electrolysis and electroplating, waste water treatment, corrosion protection of cathode, electrolytic synthesis of organic compounds, etc.
2. This oxygen evolution titanium anode won’t dissolve or contaminate the end products during work. It is also dimensionally stable, and the cell voltage won’t fluctuate.

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