Expandable Anode

We have a complete set of production machines for expandable anode, and we are well experienced in this field.

Used expandable anode Disassembled flat springs
Welding process Refurbished expandable anode

1. All the heating devices adopt computer-aided temperature control technology, and the automatic multi-head welding machine, which is exclusive in China, is used to finish spot welding process for the mesh. Moreover, the flat spring is fabricated by high quality Ti material that is imported from Japan, and it can still expand evenly after long-term service.
2. The anode coating is manufactured via advanced technique, and it features long service life, low half-cell potential, little and slow potential rise, etc. This coating can fully meet the requirements of expandable anode even if high current density is applied.
3. Under the same working condition, the cell voltage shows an obvious drop which can reach up to 0.15V-0.2V or even higher. In addition, the production capacity is improved by 25% when the current density is 2200A/m2.

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