1. Asahi Kasei ElectrolyzerThe Asahi Kasei electrolyzer has 166 cells with cell voltage of 3.36V (12.5kA, 32%NaOH, 88℃) before zero gap modification
    1. MGC ElectrolyzerHere is a case of zero gap modification. The MGC electrolyzer with 22 cells has a cell voltage of 3.4V
    1. DD350 ElectrolyzerAfter receiving DD350 electrolyzer that is in a poor state, a series of detections are carried out first, and then we
    1. BiTAC ElectrolyzerOur professional maintenance team is well experienced in handling BiTAC electrolyzer, and we have carried
    1. UHDE ElectrolyzerAfter refurbishment and recoating, the UHDE electrolyzer meets the technical requirements that are designed for a new product, and it is able to deliver safe and stable performance to the customer.

Ion-exchange Membrane Electrolyzer Refurbishment and Spare Part

Owing to our well experienced maintenance team and perfect maintenance technology, we can finish refurbishment and recoating job for various kinds of electrolyzer, such as Asahi Kasei, BiTAC, DD350, MGC, UHDE, F2, ICI, M3, B1, INEOS and more. As a matter of fact, we have repaired almost all the models of ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer in the world.

Refurbishment Items
We can provide customers with different service items, such as the making and recoating of electrode mesh, processing of internal and external components of cell, etc.

Ion-exchange membrane electrolyzer is a kind of large scale machine. When a problem occurs, the operator should detect the machine and find out the problematic components. Then, repair or change these parts. This not only helps to cut down the operational budget, but also improves production efficiency and saves production cost.

ICI: Before repair ICI: After repair
BM2.7: After repair DD350: Before repair
DD350: After repair

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