UHDE Electrolyzer

We have repaired or recoated a great deal of UHDE electrolyzers in different factories home and abroad, and our work is highly appreciated by the customers. After refurbishment and recoating, the UHDE electrolyzer meets the technical requirements that are designed for a new product, and it is able to deliver safe and stable performance to the customer.

BM-2.7: Before Repair
BM-2.7: After Repair
Zero Gap Modification for BM-2.7

1. The original isolating bar is removed to increase the reaction area of electrode, and the elastic mesh at the cathode is also well protected.
2. A flat mesh is added to the anode to cut down the maintenance time.
3. The cathode takes advantage of specially constructed elastic mesh and activated mesh directly to lower the cell voltage. In addition, the average cell voltage will drop by 100mV after repair.

Spare Parts
GORE joint sealant Fastening components
Fastening components Main pipe for brine (CPVC)
Main pipe for catholyte (PPH) Feed distribution pipe (PPH)
Available Accessories
No. Name Material
1 Feed distribution pipe PTFE
2 Anode insert tube PTFE
3 Cathode insert tube PTFE
4 Frame gasket TFM1600
5 Sealing strip -
6 Hex bolt with shrinkable tube 10.9G 3E
7 M10 hex nut 10.9G 3E
8 Conical spring washer with special coating 50Cr V4
9 Insulating washer HGW 2372.1 or Permaglass TE602
10 Insulating bush PTFE
11 Ion-exchange membrane Specialized
12 Inlet hose PTFE/1.4571
13 Pipe fitting 14.435
14 Outlet hose PTFE/1.4571
15 Insert tube PTFE

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