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Activated cathode mesh
Cathode pan gasket and anode pan shield
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MGC Electrolyzer

We have gained rich experience in dealing with many MGC electrolyzers, and we can also supply some spare parts. After zero gap modification, the single cell voltage of MGC electrolyzer will be cut down by 250mV at least under the same working condition.

Maintenance Flow Chart

Refurbishing Case
Here is a case of zero gap modification. The MGC electrolyzer with 22 cells has a cell voltage of 3.4V (4kA/m2, 32%NaOH, 88℃), and the value changes to 3.08V (4kA/m2, 32%NaOH, 84.7℃) after modified with Dupont 2030 membrane.

Available Spare Parts for SGC Electrolyzer
Cathode pan gasket, MGC
Anode pan shield, Complete
Manifold spacer
Manifold ring,MGC
Manifold seal ring, Oxytech
Manifold spacer W/1/4'' NPT
Long manifold end spacer (PTFE)
Short manifold end spacer (PTFE)
Manifold gasket, MGC
Current distributor latch
Frame filler gasket 5.2m/frame

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