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Asahi Kasei Electrolyzer

Our professional maintenance team is able to repair Asahi Kasei electrolyzer in a meticulous way to improve its performance. After receiving the electrode, we will carry out an overall detection for the electrode, and solve the problems according to the practical condition. Then, the repaired electrode is packed and delivered back to our customer along with the quality inspection report. After maintenance, the single cell voltage drops for 200mV at least under the same working condition.

Maintenance Flow Chart

Refurbishing Case
The Asahi Kasei electrolyzer has 166 cells with cell voltage of 3.36V (12.5kA, 32%NaOH, 88℃) before zero gap modification, and the cell voltage drops to 3.01V (12.5kA, 32%NaOH, 84℃) after modified with Dupont 982 membrane. Later, the current is increased to 13kA, and the cell voltage and the average temperature are stabilized at 3.04V and 84.8℃, respectively.

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